Over the years I have contributed to the media as an expert on personal issues below are some of the articles and publications I have been involved in.

The manager/ LMA Managing change

Professional Manager – office of the future nov

Pick me up – advice column November 29th

FHM – confidence article contributor Do and Donts in stressful situations

Short list – expert comment on book end of men

In2town – articles on parenting/ therapy angle

Sport makers sussex/ prize /web site

Fabulous – sun magazine / Sunday nov Why girls are copying celebs in partying to extreme

Slimming world / Jan 2013  Asking for a raise at work being confident

The Friday Dubai newspaper / roles and the friends we have comment on roles we play

Emerald street email magazine Negative thinking. Nov

People Sunday magazine – take it easy  office party guide nov. 24 & dec 30th issue happiness guide

Take it easy How to be happy dec 30th

Glamour happiness guide jan 2013

Glamour making changes dec 2012

Ok magazine happiness guide

Take it easy 2013 how to relax for men with impotency

Red 2013 weight loss why people eat advice

Red 2013 self care vs self pitying expert advice

Men’s health 2014 drugs

Now 2013 diets &  mindsets

Metro 11th March 2013 lateness overcome it MMC mentioned.

Boots – making you Time July 2013 Natural health magazine improving confidence guy 2013

pick me up advice – movie areas. July 2013 Sunday People

Why do people do extreme events for charity? 2013 August 3rd

Emerald street e magazine What do dairies do for us?

Take a break – diets & eating habits sept 2013

Daily mail  September 2013 Internet dating / sex apps – tinder – why do women use them- dangers etc

Grazia – Sept 2013 Mens struggles with women who earn more than them. Identify & Role.